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Keywords: Problems, recording, traditional cultural expressions


Kabupaten Natuna has various cultural heritages that must be preserved and has promising economic potential, tourism related sectors and the creative economy industry. When a cultural heritage is neatly packaged, it can attract tourists to visit the area so that later the community and government can introduce the cultural heritage of Kabupaten Natuna to tourists and the international community which certainly has a great economic value. Until now, there are four local Cultural Expressions of Kabupaten Natuna, in fact there are still many Traditional Cultural Expressions of Kabupaten Natuna has not been recorded. The objectives of this research are (1) to figure the difficulties in recording Traditional Cultural Expressions in Kabupaten Natuna. (2) to seek a legal protection for Traditional Cultural Expressions in Kabupaten Natuna, In particular, the study aims to understand the extent of legal protection for Traditional Cultural Expressions when referring to Law number 28 of 2014 concerning copyright. Theory used in this research is theory of legal protection and theory of legal certainty. Qualitative research methods with the type of normative research through the laws and regulations approach was considered for this study. Our findings suggest that there are at least six difficulties when recording Traditional Cultural Expressions, namely lack of public knowledge, lack of socialization of local governments, geographical location of Kabupaten Natuna, destroyed documentation, community apathy, and lack of adequate art performance facilities. We also found that the suitable form of legal protection for the Traditional Cultural Expressions, is the issuance a Certificate of Intellectual Property for Traditional Cultural Expressions issued by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights the Republic of Indonesia.