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Keywords: Evaluation, Gender, Responsive, Budgeting


Gender responsive budgets are budgets that respond to the needs of men and women whose aim is to achieve gender equality and justice. In order for gender responsive development to be felt equitably and fairly, the Lingga Regency government issued the Lingga Regency Regional Regulation No. 7/2009 concerning Gender Mainstreaming. In implementing this gender responsive budget there are still many obstacles and shortcomings, therefore it is necessary to have support from related parties. This study aims to evaluate gender responsive budgeting in the Lingga Regency Education Office. This type of research is descriptive with a qualitative approach. The data analysis technique in this study used triangulation techniques. In evaluating gender responsive budgeting at the Lingga Regency Education Office, the researcher used six indicators from William N. Dunn's theory. The results of this study can be seen from the effectiveness dimension, with gender responsive budgeting which is very helpful in enjoying equality and justice in enjoying the results of development. Judging from the dimension of efficiency, it has not reached the target in its implementation because there are activities that are not carried out optimally. Judging from the adequacy dimension of the flow of the budget is not sufficient to carry out activities. From the dimension of equity, the distribution is evenly distributed and has shown justice for men and women. Judging from the dimension of responsiveness, it is optimal, because of gender responsive activities. Judging from the dimension of stipulation, it has been effective because of the equality and fairness of positions between men and women. The conclusion is that gender responsive budgeting in the Lingga Regency Education Office has not been going well, because in the implementation of gender responsive budgeting there are still many shortcomings.

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