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  • Agus Hendrayady Dosen Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik UMRAH
  • Fitri Kurnianingsih Dosen Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik UMRAH
Keywords: Program Implementasi, Puskesmas and e-Puskesmas


E-Puskesmas is an online-based health information system program. The application of information and communication technology is able to provide a very large contribution in providing excellent service to patients. The purpose of this study was to implement the e-Puskesmas program at Pancur Puskesmas. The research method used is descriptive research with a qualitative approach, the types of data used are primary and secondary data using documentation, observation and interview techniques. In implementing this program using 6 indicators from the theory of Van Meter and Van Horn. When viewed from the dimensions of standards and targets, the policy of the main objectives of the program cannot be said to be right on target of the main objectives of the program. In terms of resources, it is not efficient. When viewed from the dimensions of the relationship between these organizations, the relationship with the community is still inefficient, there is no coordination with the community regarding the e-Puskesmas program. In the dimensions of the characteristics of the implementing agencies, the lack of responsibility for managers at the Pancur Puskesmas has resulted in not optimizing the program being run. In the dimensions of social, economic and political conditions, there has been no socialization from the surrounding community about the program. In the executive disposition dimension, the attitude of the implementer is very supportive of this program because it will be useful for users. The conclusion from the implementation of the e-Puskesmas program at the Pancur Kota Puskesmas is not optimal.

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