Strategi Pemenangan Syahrul-Rahma Dalam Pemilihan Walikota-Wakil Walikota Tanjungpinang Periode 2018-2023

  • Sandi Irawan Alumni Prodi Ilmu Pemerintahan UMRAH
  • Nur Aslamaturrahmah Dwi Putri Dosen Prodi Ilmu Pemerintahan UMRAH
  • Nazaki Nazaki Dosen Prodi Ilmu Pemerintahan UMRAH
Keywords: General Election Srategy


The purpose of this study is basically to find out the strategy of winning Syahrul-Rahma in the election of Mayor-Deputy Mayor of Tanjungpinang 2018-2023 period. To analyze the development of researchers using the method used is a descriptive method with 11 informants as well as using observation, interview, and documentation techniques.The results of this study conducted by researchers found that the strategy of winning Syahrul-Rahma. the strategy of the team winning the pair of Syahrul's father and Rahma was forming volunteers consisting of community leaders, religious leaders, interfaith leaders, students, and youth. Volunteers Campaigning for the vision and mission and programs of the candidate pair Syahrul, Mrs. Rahma, in eighteen villages All points of the winning team who want change, let's join us. The winning team carried out campaigns in social media such as Facebook media, Instagram media, while from the candidate profile indicators, network indicators, media indicators, figures indicators, program indicators, family indicators and money indicators still need to develop a better strategy for the future. will come.