• Desy Rahmadani Alumni Prodi Ilmu Pemerintahan UMRAH
  • Agus Hendrayady Dosen Prodi Ilmu Pemerintahan UMRAH
  • Nazaki Nazaki Dosen Prodi Ilmu Pemerintahan UMRAH
Keywords: Strategy, Fulfillment, ABSTRACT Village Fund is a balance of district/city government funds to the Village government sourced from central government finances in order to empower the community. This research aims to (1) know and describe the financial management of Cempa Village year 2018; (2) know and describe the technical determination of development priorities in Cempa Village. Based on the results of research and discussion, can be drawn the following conclusions: (1) The financial management of villages in Cempa Village is in accordance with the prevailing rules and laws. Management has gone through the stages set out, namely the implementation, administration, reporting and accountability, and (2) Development priorities through the Village Fund 2018 are in accordance with the priorities set out in the Minister of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration Regulation number 16 of 2018. Cempa village development through Village Fund 2018 prioritizes the construction of village infrastructure facilities for quality improvement and access to basic social services, priority facilities for environmental preservation, and infrastructure facilities for natural disaster management and or extraordinary events. Keywords: Priorities, Village Fund


Regulation of the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia Number PM 133 Year 2015 Concerning Periodic Testing of Motorized Vehicles Chapter II Article 3, it is explained that the periodical testing unit for motorized vehicles must be equipped with testing facilities and equipment. Motor vehicle testing is a compulsory motor vehicle testing test to determine the roadworthinees of the vehicle. Where vehicles cannont operate on the streets if they are not roadworthy. Threfore this motor vehicle testing equipment is very important and is needed in each region to conduct tests and avoid environmental pollution as well as avoiding traffic accidents. This study wants to find out how the strategy of the Department of Transportation in meeting the needs of motor vehicle testing equipment. In this study the authors used a descriptive qualitative research. After researching the strategy carried out by the transportation department namely by proposing procurement every year and closing services. As for the obstacles in this procurement namely the budget deficit and has not been considered as a priority needed.