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Keywords: Spread Countermeasures, Policy Implementation


The Penitentiary Institution (Lapas) One of the Correctional Technical Implementation Units in the Tanjungpinang-Bintan Region is the Penitentiary Class IIA Tanjungpinang. The Penitentiary Class IIA Tanjungpinang carries out a circular from the Correctional Directorate regarding Progressive Steps in Handling the Spread of Covid-19 to prevent the infection of prisoners from outside the correctional facility. On this basis, this research formulates the following problems: 1. How is the implementation of the circular of the Directorate General of Corrections in an effort to prevent the covid-19 pandemic at Penitentiary Class IIA Tanjungpinang ? 2. What are the constraints and supporting factors in implementing ?. The research was conducted using qualitative methods which will produce descriptive data aimed at explaining, using interview techniques. This research was conducted on 7 (seven) respondents from various professions. The results of the author's research, the implementation of the policy of the Directorate General of Corrections Circular Number: PAS-20.PR.01.01 of 2020 concerning progressive steps in overcoming the spread of Covid-19 in Penitentiary Class IIA Tanjungpinang analyzed using Edward III theory of the implementation of policies consisting of four indicators namely communication, resources, disposition and bureaucratic structure. In the communication process, no problems in conveying information are quite clear. In the resource variables, the number and expertise are sufficient in implementing the implementation. Disposition is also a task with a strong commitment. There has been a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) made and a task force team to tackle the spread of Covid-19 at the Penitentiary Class IIA Tanjungpinang.