• Zidny Hasanah Alumni Prodi Ilmu Administrasi Negara UMRAH
  • Adji Suradji Muhammad Dosen Prodi Ilmu Administrasi Negara UMRAH
  • Edison Edison Dosen Prodi Ilmu Administrasi Negara UMRAH
Keywords: Analysis, Partnership between organizations, Free Trade Zone


Free Trade Zone (FTZ) is a special policy given by the Central Government to the City of Batam in order to increase global competitiveness, especially to attract investment in Batam. FTZ is an area within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia separated from customs so that it is free from the imposition of entry fees, value added tax and sales tax on luxury goods and excise. Incentives are government policies in increasing competitiveness with other countries in making Indonesia the main investment destination country. The concept of FTZ is prepared to maximize industrial activities, exports, imports and other economic activities that have high economic value is an effort to develop governance by utilizing all available potentials. The partnership in the implementation of FTZ in the city of Batam was identified by the existence of government structures and functions or the role of networks between the actors in realizing the intended development. The government carries out its duties as the maker and implementer of the policy while the private sector is made as a place or container in its implementation. Agencies involved in this partnership only carry out the main tasks and functions inherited from their respective agencies and do not have the main tasks and other functions in terms of the implementation of the FTZ. This makes the results and objectives to be achieved are not concrete and does not seem to bring significant influence in the city of Batam.

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