• Randa Aryanto Alumni Prodi Sosiologi UMRAH
  • Sri Wahyuni
  • Rahma Syafitri
Keywords: The Rationality, of Bird Lovers Birds


Rationalities is that singing birds are no longer interpreted as pets for cultural or psychological purposes only, but birds are also interpreted in the context of economic commodities that have promising potential benefits. The focus of this research is the rationality of chirping bird lovers in maintaining chirping birds that are included in the protected animal category. The rationality of the singing bird enthusiast is analyzed using Rational Choice Theory and James Coleman's concepts of rational choice which include self-concept, interests, values, strengths, and actions.The purpose of this study was to determine the basis of rationality for the actions of protected chirping bird enthusiasts. This research uses qualitative methods with descriptive type. Data collection was carried out using the method of observation, interviews, using interview guidelines, and documentation.The results obtained in this study are the basis of the rationality of the self-concept of bird enthusiasts utilizing existing facilities in their immediate environment for profit. The interest of the bird enthusiast can be seen from the actions of the bird enthusiast to achieve his goal. Various ways are used by bird enthusiasts to get quality birds and economic benefits. The meaning of this type of singing bird has a social status symbol indicated by the attachment ofprestige certainor pride to the birds. In this study also found the activity of raising birds as an effort to do conservation.