• Riky Ronaldo Alumni Prodi Ilmu Hukum UMRAH
  • Suryadi Suryadi Dosen Prodi Ilmu Hukum UMRAH
  • Irman Irman Dosen Prodi Ilmu Hukum UMRAH
Keywords: Protection, Rights, Royalties, Author, Songwritting, Karaoke Buseness Place


Payment of royalties for the use of commercial works of authors' songs that are commercialized is an obligation according to Law Number 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright. But in the implementation of karaoke businesses there are still those who do not pay royalties. Based on data obtained through the mass media in 2019, there are 3 karaoke businesses brought under the law due to not carrying out their obligations to pay royalties. The problem of this research is how the legal protection of songwriting royalties in karaoke establishments. As well as the purpose of this study is to determine the legal protection of royalties in song copyright works at karaoke establishments. The theory used is the theory of legal protection. The research method used is the normative juridical research method, this study examines mere literature or secondary data. The results of the study found that the protection of the Creator's royalty rights to the song's copyright at the karaoke place of business was carried out by the Creator by becoming a member of the Collective Management Institute first to enjoy the royalty rights commercialized by the karaoke business premises. However, there are still problems faced by the Author regarding which Collective Management Institution should the Creator choose, because there is uncertainty in the implementation of the creator's royalty protection between the Collective Management Institution which is a non-profit legal entity and the Government's assisting Agency in implementing the interests of the Creator to attract, collect and distribute royalties and manage the interests of economic rights of the creator and owner of related rights in the field of song and / or music. However, the DJKI, LMKN, and eight LMKs with non-profit legal entities such as KCI, WAMI, RAI, SELMI, PAPPRI, ARDI, ARMINDO and SMI have agreed to collect and distribute one-door music royalty systems and LMKN which will make the only entity that has the authority to withdraw, collect, and distribute royalties from commercial users