• Kiki Rizki Pitriyani Alumni Prodi Ilmu Administrasi Negara UMRAH
  • Agus Hendrayady Dosen Prodi Ilmu Administrasi Negara UMRAH
  • Imam Yudhi Prastya Dosen Prodi Ilmu Administrasi Negara UMRAH
Keywords: Government, Kube, Partnership, Economic Development


The state element institution is no longer the only institution or sole agent that controls political, economic, or information technology resources. The successful implementation of the policy is believed to be better in a partnership of three elements of governance compared to the power of a single agent (government). Bintan Regency is an area that will be rich in marine and fisheries resources. Many marine potential that can be processed into goods that have a use value, marine waste, which we know as marine biota, can be utilized or processed into a handicraft. Kube is one of the empowerment programs offered by the district government of Bintan, especially tanjung uban utara. Partnership can be established based on the needs of each other for capabilities that are not owned by themselves. Partnerships that are formed usually occur between the government, private sector, and the community which can bring maximum benefits to a program. The purpose of this study was to determine the pattern of mutualistic partnerships in economic development in the perpetual manggar kube in Bintan district. Informants in this study were 6 informants from 2 social government authorities, 1 business cooperative and micro trade and industry cooperative, 2 Kube members, 1 private party. The research method used is descriptive type with a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques are observation, interviews, documentation. The results of this study indicate that the pattern of mutualistic partnership is said to have been running optimally but there are obstacles, the obstacles until now the cooperation agreement proposed by the government has not been realized or has not been made. because the partnership carried out together took their respective roles in this partnership pattern in economic development has also experienced an increase in kube member income.

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