• Derry Araffiq Alumni Prodi Ilmu Hukum UMRAH
  • Marnia Rani Dosen Prodi Ilmu Hukum UMRAH
  • Irman Irman Dosen Prodi Ilmu Hukum UMRAH
Keywords: consumer protection, power outage, PT PLN (Persero)


Consumer care is all efforts that guarantee the legal certainty to provide protection to consumers. Compensation or indemnity due to a power outage is a consumer right that must be filled by PT PLN (Persero) as the holder of electrical power supply business in the city of Tanjungpinang under Law No. 8 year 1999 about Consumer protection. In fact, there are not many micro-business consumers, especially in laundry business that get compensation or indemnity given by PT PLN (Persero) Area of Tanjungpinang City. The problem and objectives of this research is to know the consumer protection of micro-enterprises due to power outages by PT PLN (Persero) Tanjungpinang Area and the responsibility of PT PLN (Persero) Tanjungpinang City Area to consumer business The Micro (laundry business) that was harmed due to a power outage. The theory used is the theory of consumer protection and the responsibility of business actors. The methods of research used are empirical research methods, as well as using techniques and data collection tools in the form of libraries and fields. Based on the results of the research, the consumer ignorance of micro enterprises will its rights as electricity consumers, making a lack of consumer knowledge of procedures in filing compensation or indemnity. In addition, no other legal efforts made by the consumer of micro enterprises in resolving disputes both in court and out of court became one of the weaknesses of consumer protection of micro enterprises in the business laundry in the city Tanjungpinang. PT PLN (Persero) of Tanjungpinang City Area is responsible for the loss of micro-business consumer by compensating based on the stipulated service quality level indicators as stipulated in the Minister of Energy and Resources regulation Minerals Number 27 Year 2017 in the form of a non-cash reduction in electricity bills on the next month's payments. The procedure of giving compensation or indemnity provided on the condition of the consumer of the micro enterprise must first include complaints to the customer complaints service. Consumer dispute resolution can be further conducted both in court and outside court by using mediation, conciliation or arbitrage remedies.