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Keywords: Law Enforcement, Abuse of Stay Permits, Foreign Citizens


The era of globalization has made Indonesia an open country for the entry of foreign citizens to carry out activities in the fields of industry, tourism and other trade. Every foreign citizen is given a visa and a residence permit in accordance with their needs in Indonesia. But not a few of the foreigners who abuse the residence permit given to him. One of them occurred in the Bintan Regency Region, Riau Islands.
The formulation of the problem in this study is what causes the misuse of Immigration Stay Permits by foreign nationals in Bintan Regency and how the enforcement of criminal law against abuse of residence permits. The purpose of this study was to determine what causes and enforcement of criminal law against abuse of residence permits.
This type of research is empirical juridical with interview techniques and the data obtained were analyzed using qualitative analysis, namely by describing the data and facts produced.
The causes of abuse of Stay Permits are the environment, ignorance of applicable laws and intentions. Criminal law enforcement against abuse of residence permits has not been carried out to the full and needs to be improved by the immigration authorities. The immigration authorities only carry out the Immigration Administrative Act while the Immigration Criminal Act has never been taken at all even though all the elements of the criminal act have been fulfilled. Immigration authorities should provide Criminal Acts and Immigration Administrative Acts at the same time to foreigners to cause a deterrent effect and not to commit similar crimes