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Keywords: conflict, fishing community, company PT.Timah


Conflict is a phenomenon that occurs as part of the dynamics of society. Conflicts that occur in the community will inflict various losses in society. This study raised a conflict in the village of Sawang Selatan District of West Kundur of Karimun Regency The majority of the Community works as fishermen. This conflict discusses the seizure of land between the fishermen and the company, with the operation of the Board of the company of PT Timah in the waters of Pulau Kundur which is increasing in number. The type of research used in this study is descriptive through a qualitative approach. The informant of this research is the parties involved in the occurrence of conflicts, with the data collection techniques used are observations, in-depth interviews and documentation. This conflict occurred between the fishermen community of Sawang South Village and also the company PT. Timah operating a steamship in the waters of Kundur Island. This form of conflict is the action and protest of the fishermen community against PT Timah Company. This conflict has some impact, namely positive impact and also negative impact, the positive impact of this conflict is the increasingly strong solidarity among the fishermen to fight the parties that are considered to oppose something that they want to To achieve, while the negative impact of conflict is the occurrence of divisions in local fishermen community Sawang South Village with the community in the village Sawang. The conflict is resolved through the negotiations between the two parties that is compensated in the form of social assistance provided by the company to the fishermen and to Sawang Selatan village