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Keywords: Children, Same-Sex Sexual Abuse, Criminology


Molestation crime is not only committed by adults, but also by children. Based on Tanjungpinang District Court Decision No. 25/Pid.Sus-Anak/2020/PN Tpg, a child committed same-sex sexual abuse against his playmate. This study discusses the factors that cause children to commit same-sex sexual abuse and the efforts made by related parties to cases of same-sex sexual abuse committed by children. This type of research is empirical research, namely by looking at, examining at how the law works in society, starting from primary data, namely data obtained directly from the community as the main source with field research through interviews. Factors that cause children to commit same-sex sexual abuse are pornographic videos, Technology development, social environment factors, lack of attention from parents to children. Furthermore, the efforts made by related parties, namely the Women and Children Service Unit of the Tanjungpinang Police with Pre-Emtif efforts, which is the initial efforts made to provide prevention of crime so that it is commonly referred to as early prevention, carried out early with the aim of educating the factors causing the occurrence of crime. crimes of sexual abuse involving children. Preventive efforts are carried out by conducting a Kring Investigation system where a situation monitoring system in crime-prone locations. Repressive countermeasures are carried out after the occurrence of a crime by taking action against the perpetrators according to their actions so that the perpetrators of the crime are aware that their actions are unlawful and detrimental to society. In addition, the efforts made by the Regional Technical Service Unit for the Protection of Women and Children of the Riau Islands Province by conducting outreach to elements of the community, parents and school children related to early sex education as an effort to prevent cases of obscenity and handle complaints of violence against women. and children through the “CeK Dare” application in the Riau Islands Province.