• Siti Namira Mahasiswa Program Studi Sosiologi FISIP UMRAH
  • Nanik Rahmawati Dosen FISIP UMRAH
  • Marisa Elsera Dosen FISIP UMRAH
Keywords: Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs), Social Networks, Prostitution Networks


Perempuan panggilan is a term for teenagers who work as commercial sex wokers (CSWs) in Kecamatan Medan Perjuangan. These teenagers called as “Perempuan Panggilan” because of several factors such as the modern lifestyle that has become the demans of adolescent, their association in enviroment such as at home or at school and lack of attention from parents and family. Prostution business activities become one of the profession choices that cannot be separated from the network that connects one to another, so that a prostitution network is formed in operate this business. The purpose of this study is to find out how foreign prostitution networks in adolescents in Kecamatan Medan Perjuangan. The type of research which used in this study is qualitative research with descriptive approach with 7 informants, the informant taking technique also done by using purposive sampling technique with several criteria such as determind (1) the adolescents who become “perempuan panggilan” about 17-21 old, (2) the adolescent who have long been as a “perempuan panggilan, (3) “perempuan panggilan” who transact abroud, and (4) “perempuan panggilan” who has transaction network abroud. Discussion about prostution network abroad in this study were analyzed using the concept of Sosial Network Theory where social fomed because of a sense of mutual knowledge, mutual informan , mutual reminding and mutual assistance in implementing or overcoming something. Based on the results of the study is to show that the existence of call women in Medan Perjuangan sub-district has existed since 2015. The role of pimps is very important to be a liaison between call women and service users. They formed a prostitution network to get customers to foreign countries in order to achieve common goals