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Keywords: Community, Social Capital, Network, Reciprocity, Trust


Technological advances are very fast making various kinds of games that can be
played for modern society. These technological advances make people tend to
create a game community as a place to communicate and help each other.This
research aims to find out about how social capital is in the ragnarok mobile eternal
love gamer community in Tanjungpinang City. This research uses descriptive
qualitative method. Data collection methods used are interviews, observation and
documentation. The research informants consisted of six people from the
community who were originally from Tanjungpinang people, then these six people
were from the sakura guild. The analytical method used in this research is data
reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions. The results of this study
found that social capital is interconnected with the community. Social capital is a
complement to human capital to achieve one's success. With the existence of social
capital can explain how a person can be better at doing work, feel a responsibility,
and are obliged to help each other. And with social capital makes a person feel
confident with each other, and even feel dependent on each other in the community.
There are three main elements of social capital, namely (network), (reciprocity),
and (trust). Which is where gamers are originally (network) that is a community for
gamers ragnarok mobile eternal love who form a guild of sakura, and can help each
other that is dependent (reciprocal), for the common good and (trust) is an important
product that encourages in a collaboration for common interests which then makes
social capital exist in this community