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Keywords: The Role of Parents, Children's Learning Problem


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the life of society and the state. One of those affected is the world of education. The government took a policy to overcome educational problems in the online teaching and learning process, apparently this has an impact on student learning, many students do not understand the material. This is a concern for parents. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of parents in overcoming children's learning problems during the Covid-19 pandemic in Dompak Indah housing.
The research method used is qualitative with a descriptive approach. Data collection techniques were carried out by means of interviews, observations and documentation related to problems. The data obtained is then analyzed qualitatively by examining all the data that has been collected which is supported by the results of interviews with a theoretical approach.
Based on the results of the study, the role of parents in overcoming children's learning problems in Dompak Indah Housing is seen from the concept of social capital, namely the role of parents seen from parents involving themselves in a network (network) carried out by parents by discussing the tasks given by the teacher. to children with other students' parents, parents and teachers exchange information so that in social capital it can be seen a reciprocal relationship, parental trust in educational institutions or tutoring places, or tutoring teachers to help overcome children's misunderstandings in mastering the subject matter , making rules, that is, it can be said that all parents make rules so that children want to learn the rules that are made such as using cellphones only at certain times, arranged schedules in learning, repeating lessons every day. giving rewards to children by giving gifts so that children are encouraged to be the best in achieving achievements in school, the proactive nature of parents who always involve themselves in children's learning activities is done by teaching children directly, and always asking for help from other families to teach children when parents are not at home, in this case the proactiveness of parents is shown by the nature of control, namely parents always ask to send photos of children studying.