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Keywords: Dana Desa, Evaluasi, Program


This study focuses on how to use Village Funds during the Covid-19 pandemic in Pangke Village, Karimun Regency in 2020. The purpose of this study is to evaluate and describe the model for using village funds in Pangke Village, then evaluate and describe the scheme for using village funds in accordance with Permendesa No. 6 of 2020 for (i) Use of village funds for the prevention of Covid-19 (ii) Use of village funds for village cash labor intensive (iii) Use of village funds for direct village cash assistance. The research method uses descriptive research with a qualitative approach, the type of data used is primary and secondary data where data collection uses documentation, observation, and interview techniques. In evaluating the program for the use of village funds, the author uses 6 indicators from the theory of William N. Dunn. On the Effectiveness dimension, it has been running optimally because the acceptance of aid has utilized aid funds properly. In the dimension of Efficiency, the measurement of the efficiency level of the implementation of the village fund program is seen how the parties involved run the program. On the dimension of adequacy, from each activity, both from the BLT program, the Covid Prevention Prevention program, and the Cash Intensive Program, it has been proven enough from the activities that have been carried out. done and done. In terms of the dimension of responsiveness, the recipient communities are very grateful for this assistance program, although some people feel disappointed because they did not get assistance. In the dimension of accuracy, it can be said that it is not quite right because there are people who receive assistance who do not meet the criteria. The conclusion from the results of the research analysis regarding the evaluation of the allocation and use of village funds during the COVID-19 pandemic in Pangke Village, Karimun Regency in 2020, namely that in general the implementation of this program did not run maximally 100% because there were still some activities that were not implemented and there were also people who should get the help but can't get help

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