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Keywords: Program Evaluation, PATBM Program, CIPP


The Community-Based Integrated Child Protection Program (PATBM) is a movement of networks or groups of citizens at the community level that work in an integrated manner to achieve its goals, namely: Preventing violence against children, and Responding to cases that occur against children. Kelurahan Kijang Kota is a Kelurahan with a high level of cases against its children, because it needs to be evaluated. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the Community-Based Integrated Child Protection Program (Case Study of Kijang Urban Village, East Bintan District, Bintan Regency). The research method used is descriptive with a qualitative approach. The theory used is Daniel Stufflebeam's evaluation model, namely CIPP (context, input, process, product). The results of the study show 1) Context, the background of the formation of PATBM because of the many cases that occur to children, with the aim that PATBM activists can prevent and respond quickly if cases occur in children, and socialization that still needs to be developed again. 2) Input, the number of human resources is sufficient, it's just that to go to the field is still limited, and the lack of budget for PATBM, and the lack of facilities provided by the government for PATBM in the kelurahan. 3) Process, obstacles in PATBM are limited budget and time for activists, as well as future challenges so that there is cooperation with all elements in society. 4) Product, related to statistics on the increase or decrease in cases after the PATBM Program was not available, and for cases that occurred a lot, only for a small amount of reporting. Based on the results of the research and analysis conducted by the author, the conclusion is that Community-Based Integrated Child Protection in Kijang Kota Village has been running in accordance with the Community-Based Integrated Child Protection Guidelines (PATBM), but in its implementation there are still several obstacles, namely the lack of budget and also the lack of time for PATBM cadres in undergoing this PATBM. In the Community-Based Integrated Child Protection Program (PATBM) in Kijang Kota Village in dealing with and handling cases against children, the government pays more attention to the budget for this program.

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