• Puja Aditiya Ningsih Alumni Program Studi Ilmu Administrasi Negara
  • Ramadhani Setiawan Dosen Fakultas Ilmu Sosial Dan Ilmu Politik UMRAH
  • Rudi Subiyakto Dosen Fakultas Ilmu Sosial Dan Ilmu Politik UMRAH
Keywords: Effectiveness, Family Hope Program (PKH), Education


This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the implementation of PKH in increasing education participation in Mantang District, Bintan Regency. The data collection techniques are observation, interviews and documentation. The data can be analyzed using steps including data collection, data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions. This research using the Campbell JP theory in which research results are assessed from indicators (1) In the process of program success in its implementation, it has been running well, this is related to the mechanism in the implementation of PKH, starting from the the Family Hope Programselection of prospective recipients of PKH, the amount of assistance received, the timeliness of disbursement of assistance, the number of PKH recipients, and how the impact of PKH on education participation. All processes have been carried out in accordance with established procedures (2) In the process of target success in its implementation it has gone well this is related to the accuracy of the implementers in supporting the success of the policies that have been set. (3) Satisfaction with the program in its implementation has been going well, this is related to the PKH KPM who feel very helped by the PKH assistance, KPM feels that there is a guarantee in the field of education to continue to send their children to school because of the assistance. (4) The level of input and output in its implementation has been going well, this is related to the intensity of student attendance in schools that have been effective, and the use of social assistance has been prioritized for school needs. (5) The overall achievement of the objectives in its implementation has gone well, this is related to PKH facilitators who conduct socialization to PKH KPM regarding anything related to improving the quality of life. So the researcher concludes that the implementation of PKH in Mantang District, Bintan Regency has been running effectively.

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