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Management, Natural Resources, Village


Landak village should be quite prosperous and advanced, this is because of the
many natural potentials that can be made income for both the village and its
people. Landak Village has a wealth of nature such as tourism potential, then
abundant fisheries and agriculture and plantations, fruits thrive in this village,
but the phenomenon that occurs resources in this village is not managed
optimally, even institutions that should be specially formed to manage it until now
do not exist, such as no village institution that regulates the results of the garden,
Directing farmers to make improvements and innovations for their crops and
crops, then the absence of special institutions to distribute the crop of the garden,
even BUMDesa that is expected to exist, also does not exist in this Landak village.
This qualitative descriptive research researcher will provide a systematic, factual
and accurate picture of the facts according to the scope of the research. With a
total of 5 informant consisting of government and community Based on the
results of perindicator research, it can be analyzed that planning has been done,
planning has been done through village musrenbang, then input in rpjmdes but
problems related to potentials that have not been managed effectively by the
village government, organizing has been done the process of grouping people,
tools, tasks, responsibilities and authorities in the management of natural
resources in the village. Hedgehog, but its implementation until now has not been
realized to the maximum in an effort to improve the welfare of the community.
Actuating (Actuating) found that the movement so far has not been optimally
done. Control is found that supervision is carried out by the village head, to
achieve the goals and objectives that have been set. Results of the research, it can
be concluded that natural resource management in Landak village, Jemaja
District, Anambas Islands Regency, obstacles faced in the management of village
potential by the village government are the low human resource capability of
village devices, budget constraints owned by the village government, inadequate
facilities owned, inadequate infrastructure owned by the village government, then
the low kemitmen of village devices






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