• Riza Medianti Mahasiswa Program Studi Sosiologi FISIP UMRAH
  • Sri Wahyuni Dosen FISIP UMRAH
  • Rahma Syafitri Dosen FISIP UMRAH
Keywords: Youth Dating, social relations, social exchange


Adolescence is closely related to the search for identity, self-recognition, and the influence of the environment. To get self-recognition from the environment, adolescents usually hang out and build some relationships with certain groups that it can bring popularity to them. Besides being in groups, adolescents also build relationships with their opposite sex. Where the relationship is known as courtship. building relationships with the opposite sex, the phenomenon that arises is these adolescents will do some acts that violate the values and norms of society, such as hugging at the public places until having intimate relationships. One of them is how social relations that contained in the courtship. Because every action is certainly motivated by a certain motive and purpose. This study aims to determine the social relationships of courtship in adolescents at Tanjungpinang city. This type of research is qualitative with a descriptive approach. The techniques of data collecting are observation, interview, and documentation. Interview was conducted with teenagers in Tanjungpinang city with six informants using puposive sampling technique. The technique of data analysis uses the Miles and Huberman model which consists of data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion/ verification stages. The results showed that in social relationships of courtship in adolescents , there are certain motives and goals that form the basis of these relationships. Thus giving rise to social exchange to achieve that goal. Social exchanges that occur can be seen in the form of economy, family, and friends. The impact of the relationship is positive if the relationship has a balanced social exchange, and it becomes negative if the relationship doesn't have a balanced social exchange