Pertimbangan Pemillih dalam Pemililhan Umum Gubernur Kepulauan Riau Tahun 2015 di Tanjungpinang

  • Nurul Fazzilla Mahasiswa Program Studi Sosiologi FISIP UMRAH
  • Sri Wahyuni Dosen FISIP UMRAH
  • Marisa Elsera Dosen FISIP UMRAH
Keywords: General Election, Collective Values, Solydarity


General election is a procedure for democracy state to choose legislative and executive in Goverment. On general election Kepulauan Riau governor in 2015, the Soerya-Ansar’s pair predicted superior in the governour election. This was seen based on the political power of the party support the Soerya-Ansar pair’s who had a 63.34% vote in the 2014 legislative elections at Tanjungpinang. The winner is Sani-Nurdin’s mate, this shows that political parties do not dominate the consideration of the Tanjungpinang society in determining the Governor. Therefore, researchers are interested in knowing more about consideration of voters in Kepulauan Riau governor general election in 2015 at Tanjungpinang. This study use qualitative descriptive method. The data researcher get through structured interviews using interview guidelines and observation of informants. There five informan, researcher get through purposive sampling technique. The data analysis technique use reducing data, then presented into the narrative form, and last conclude the data. The result of this research is consideration formed depends on how collective valeus are internalized in voters. There are two type consideration of voters, the first, voters that influenced by community organic solidarity values. They choose candidate with capabilities / abilities; programme, vision and mission; political power. Second, voters that influenced by community mechanic solidarity values. They Choose candidate with emotional ties