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Keywords: Inhibiting Factors, Coaching, Non-Formal Education


Article 31 paragraph 1 of the 1945 Constitution reads that every citizen has the same right to education. The implementation of the article is contained in Law number 20 of 2003 article 13 paragraph 1 on the national education system states: the educational path consists of formal education, non-formal education and formal education that can complement and enrich each other. The island of encouragement that is used as an island of tahfidz is also a real manifestation of the application of non-formal educational pathways, by providing an educational service in the field of the Qur'an. Supported by Law Number 20 of 2003 on the National Education System on the initiative of the Foundation of the Indonesian Qur'an, The Island of The Warm is used as the island of tahfidz qur'an. The current condition of the government in the implementation of the development of the field of education is more focused on formal education, while attention to non-formal education is very limited. In this study, researchers want to focus on examining the inhibiting factors of tanjungpinang city government in conducting coaching on non-formal educational institutions of tahfidz island in Penyengat village the goal is to want to know what are the reasons and constraints of the government so that non-formal education such as tahfiz islands get less attention. The research method used is a descriptive method and uses a qualitative approach through the acquisition of data by observation, interview and acquisition of secondary data in the form of books. Organizational structure, and some other literature related to this study. From the results of the research showed that the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Tanjungpinang city was hampered to conduct coaching because the non-formal educational institution of Tahfiz island did not apply for an opersional permit. In addition, weak communication between the non-formal educational institution of Tahfiz island and the government is also a factor in the inhibition for non-formal educational institutions of Tahfiz island to get coaching.