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Keywords: Government Role, Education Assistance, Higher Education


From the total number of students in Bintan Regency, there were 138 people, but only 48 students from Bintan Regency who received assistance in the first batch who studied outside the Riau Archipelago received assistance. Here the government's role is very important at a time like this because it risks the future and future generations of the nation in the Bintan Regency area. By instilling an understanding that education is very important and the Bintan Regency government must also have a program that helps Bintan Regency students who are economically hindered to study through educational assistance. In achieving good governance, trustworthy and responsible governance and clean governance, one of the concepts that must be applied is the concept of inequality (equality). This research uses descriptive qualitative research method is research conducted to determine the value of independent variables, either one or more (independent) variables whose data is expressed in the form of words, sentences, and images without making comparisons, or connecting one variable to another variable. The Bintan Regency Government has carried out its role as a policy maker with the aim of empowering people who have an interest in continuing to higher education by providing educational assistance facilities in accordance with Bintan Regent Regulation No. 15 of 2021 in articles 37 and 38. Local governments can provide social assistance to members/ community groups according to local financial capacity