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Keywords: Role, Conflict, Online and Conventional Taxi


Transportation plays an important role in fulfilling various human needs such as the need for education, health, economy and others. There are various kinds of transportation in Batam, namely online transportation and conventional transportation. The actual online transportation is not much different from conventional transportation, but it is more convenient and the price is also affordable. The existence of online transportation is a bit of getting rid of conventional transportation, because in this technological era, because in the era of increasingly rapid technology we can order transportation or vehicles that are safer, more comfortable and more affordable. The occurrence of conflicts between online taxis and conventional taxis in the city of Batam, where the conflicts occur in crowded places such as malls, town squares and lodging places. Conflicts from the two different taxi parties often cause debates or disputes because one of the drivers picks up passengers, from the online taxi dispute and conventional taxi there is also violence where one of the taxis does not want to give in not only violence but quarrels. This study aims to find out how the role of the city government in overcoming the problems of online taxis and conventional taxis in Batam City. The research method used is a descriptive research method with a qualitative approach, data collection techniques are carried out by means of interviews, observations and documentation related to the government's role in conventional taxis and online taxis. The data that can then be analyzed qualitatively by examining all the data that has been collected which is supported by the results of interviews with the Government Role theory approach according to Ndraha (Labolo, 2010:36) namely the Government's Role as Regulator, Government's Role as Dynamizer and Government's Role as Facilitator. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the role of the city government in overcoming the problems of online taxis and conventional taxis in Batam City is quite good, this can be seen from the three indicators of the government's role in resolving conflicts, there is one indicator that has not been maximized, namely the role of the regulator government.