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Keywords: Supervision, Protection, Protected Forest


Abstra In order to carry out the protection of protected forests in Bintan Regency, the Forestry Police has a responsibility to carry out forest supervision. Forest supervision is a preventive step in order to provide protection of forest areas that are part of the suspicion of human life. The existence of supervision of forests will certainly suppress the actions of individuals who do forest damage. This study aims to determine fact finding, preventive, present and efficient supervision in forest police supervision in forest protection (abs (Study on Bintan Regency Protected Forests in 2020). truck). This type of research is a qualitative research by applying the type of descriptive research. Data collection techniques are observation, interviews, and documentation. The results of the study show that fact-finding supervision in the supervision of the forest police in forest protection, namely in the Implementation of Supervision of Protected Forests in Bintan Regency in 2020 can be achieved well based on the Sian-gian Theory, namely Supervision is divided into 4 indicators, namely Fact Finding Monitoring, Preventive Monitoring, Current Monitoring, and Efficient Monitoring. Researchers found that the implementation of Supervision of Protected Forests in Bintan Regency in the Implementation of Forest Police had implemented existing guidelines but did not yet have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) then in the Implementation of Supervision the Forestry Police carried out a division of tasks in groups with a total of 8 personnel and involved the community in around the Protected Forest Area. However, in the implementation of supervision, violations of forest damage were still found in Bintan Regency in 2020 so that the form of supervision carried out by the Forestry Police has not been effective because there are still weaknesses in carrying out their duties. And the efforts made have not been quite successful in the violations that occurred in the Protected Forest of Bintan Regency in 2020.