• Liliska Handayani Mahasiswa Program Studi Sosiologi FISIP UMRAH
  • Sri Wahyuni Dosen FISIP UMRAH
  • Marisa Elsera Dosen FISIP UMRAH
Keywords: Barbershop, Lifestyle and Sign Value


Now life experiences many changes which are influenced by increasingly modern technology. In appearance is usually only done by most women, but as time goes by men also pay attention to their apperance one of them with a hair style. In the 1990’s people used haircuts as a place to tidy up hair called traditional haircuts. But not today in Tanjungpinang City, that there is now modern haircut service, called barbershop. The purpose of this research is to find out why people in Tanjungpinang City choose to use the services of barbershop. The purpose of this research is qualitative research, by determining informants using purposive sampling. There are 9 informants this research. Then the research result obtained are related with David Chaney’s theory of lifestyle, that the barbershop phenomenon at Tanjungpinang City is a lifestyle trend that make men choose to use barbershop services. The reason in choosing barbershop services is because of, (1) convenience, (2) Lifestyle, (3) value of marks on barbershop