• Dwi Ayu Widiastuti Mahasiswa Program Studi Sosiologi FISIP UMRAH
  • Nanik Rahmawati Dosen FISIP UMRAH
  • Marisa Elsera Dosen FISIP UMRAH
Keywords: Social relations, Javanese, Community


Tanjungpinang as the capital of the province Riau Archipelago that heterogeneous communities. There are Banyumas community in the city of Tanjungpinang which is still communal nature with the characteristics of a collective. This study aimed to determine social relations in the Banyumas community especially in Tanjungpinang city. This study was conducted in Tanjungpinang city. The type of study is qualitative with a descriptive approach. The data collection techniques used in this study are observation, interviews and documentation. The interviews were conducted with sixth Banyumas people living in Tanjungpinang City with a snowball sampling technique. Data analysis techniques using the Miles and Huberman models consisting of data reduction, data presentation and conclusions and verification. The result of this research are the social relations among Banyumas people in Tanjung Pinang City formed because of the instinct to help fellow Banyumas people and cooperation the economic field to fulfill life necessities. Maintaining the value of local traditions such as: first, the rewang tradition during the celebration of marriage, circumcision or even in funeral. Second, tradition begalan if there is an eldest son who will get married. Third, preserve art kuda kepang as a form to show the existence of Banyumas people in Tanjung Pinang City. While the social relations of the Banyumas Community with the local community are only limited to interactions such as exchanging greetings, sharing and helping each other