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Keywords: BUMDes Hilir Sehati, Manajement, Clean Water


Hilir Village is the largest village with an area of ± 1226.8 Ha, as the largest village in Tambelan sub-district. The Hilir village has a BUMDes named Hilir Sehati established in 2015 with 6 programs: rental (party tents, chairs), social business (clean water management, gallon refill water depot), trade (marine and land motor spare parts, equipment and building materials, community crafts), savings and loans (savings and loans for women's groups / SPKP), current accounts / services (printing), joint ventures (marine tourism). BUMDes Hilir Sehati has a program that is about social business precisely more management of clean water before the BUMDes Tambelan community has never felt the slope or lack of clean water but after the BUMDes BUMDes manager changed or diverted community water irrigation that used to use long holes in the area where the water flow cemented now using a pipe actually the effort made by this manager is very good because it makes the water more hygienic than using a long hole in the ground where the water flow is cemented the water is in the community of the community that makes livestock, community pets are free to dispose of their feces, while the water is also used to worship, drink, and so on. The purpose of this study was to determine the Management of Clean Water Programs in Hilir Village, Tambelan District, Bintan Regency. Descriptive research method with a qualitative approach with 8 informants. BUMDes Hilir Hati was established in 2015 and this research was conducted in 2019 during the 4 years of the establishment of BUMDes. The community did not feel a significant impact from the formation of BUMDes. The clean water program at BUMDes makes the community feel disadvantaged by having to pay every month, but they do not feel fulfilled by the need for clean water managed by BUMDes. in running a clean water management program the management should be more responsive to the complaints of the community about clean water and also the clean water management party should be better able to find solutions to solve the problem of clean water problems. In determining the position of the drainage pipe, the manager should just follow the old flow without having to put the pipe in an up and down hill position, plus the manager is not aware of the water flow at the source is not as much as before with a little water debit plus the position of the pipe going up and down the mountain causing water flowing into the community is not smooth.

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