• Syahril Arifin Alumni Program Studi Teknik Elektro
  • Sapta Nugraha Dosen Fakultas Teknik UMRAH
  • Tonny Suhendra Dosen Fakultas Teknik UMRAH
Keywords: Blynk, Infrared, Load Cell, Sorting


The application of an automatic system in the industrial world is the use of tools for sorting needs. Sorting is an activity to physically separate groups of dissimilar goods into similar sub-groups. In the industrial world, there are certain conditions that cannot be handled by humans, such as high accuracy, high power, high speed or high risk. In the manual sorting process that is carried out directly by humans, it has weaknesses in doing tasks for large capacities and long working times, so that it can cause boredom and reduced level of accuracy. This can affect the efficiency and productivity of the sorting process. This research will design a sorting tool using weight as the parameter. Goods will be sorted using the robot arm then moved and grouped by weight category. The data on the results of sorting and calculating items that enter according to their weight category will be displayed on the LCD and can be monitored via the Blynk application. The results showed that the arm robot was able to sort goods by weight and move goods according to item categories automatically. The ESP8266 NodeMCU can control load cell, infrared, and control 5 servo with the addition of the PCA9685 module. The load cell sensor used can be categorized as good but has a reading difference of 1 gram this is due to the unstable voltage when the whole system is operated.

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