Pemilihan Tahanan Pendamping (tamping) terbaik pada Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Perempuan Kelas IIB Batam

  • Angeline Sihombing Alumni Program Studi Informatika Fakultas Teknik
  • Tekad Matulatan Dosen Fakultas Teknik UMRAH
  • Dwi Amalia Purnamasari Dosen Fakultas Teknik UMRAH
Keywords: : Analytical Hirarchy Proce, Tampin, Lembaga Pemasyarakatan


Indonesia is a country that upholds the rule of law as stipulated in the 1945 Constitution Article 1 paragraph (3), then law enforcement in Indonesia is entirely the responsibility of the state which in this case is carried out by law enforcement institutions in Indonesia, such as: Correctional Institutions which deals with the life of a prisoner during a criminal period, which is meant in this case is a prison sentence. Therefore, this study is entitled Selection of the best tamping detainees using a decision support system using the AHP (Analytical Hirarchy Process) method, which will be made to carry out the selection process of Assistance Prisoners (tamping) at the Women's Penitentiary Class IIB Batam. The results of calculations using the AHP method which uses 202 data to rank, then from these data it can be seen that Nur Aini Fatimah, Gayatri Ningrum, and Nia Nurmala occupy the top position with the same total ranking value of 0.59351573727442 followed by Gita Kharisma with the acquisition of values a total of 0.49975038375527 and Rowiyah with a total value of 0.49787528998359.

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