• Zulfa Aliyah Alumni Program Studi Teknik Informatika
  • Tekad Matulatan Dosen Fakultas Teknik UMRAH
  • Ferdi Chahyadi Dosen Fakultas Teknik UMRAH
Keywords: Waste Bank, iOS, Internet of Things


Garbage can have negative impacts on both public health and the earth. With the increase in waste production, it requires the role of the community in managing it. The 3R principle is used, namely Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle which has been adapted by the waste bank. A waste bank is a place for managing waste by recycling it into goods of economic value. With a waste bank, people are taught to foster a caring attitude towards the environment by sorting themselves out before submitting them to the waste bank. From this process the community can receive savings in the form of cash or basic necessities that can be withdrawn at any time. However, in practice, the waste bank still uses the conventional method by calculating the smallest amount of waste manually and writing transactions in a savings book. Community participation is also still low because people prefer to throw garbage outright rather than collect it first. The system development implements the Spiral research method which consists of determining objectives and constraints, evaluating risks, developing and verifying products and planning the next phase. These four activities are repeated until the desired criteria are obtained. The result of this research is a digital waste bank system based on the Internet of things using iOS that can calculate waste and its price, and can display customer data and transactions that have occurred. Based on the black box testing that has been done, all system features can run as expected.

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