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Keywords: Writing, Descriptive Text, Jumbled Sentences


This study aims to find out the effect of jumbled sentences toward students' writing descriptive texts at 10th grade of Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Tanjungpinang. This research used Quasy-Experimental as a design of the study using two groups of research as the samples. The pre-test was given at the beginning of the study in each class, and then followed by given the treatment of the jumbled sentences technique in writing descriptive text at the experimental class and paragraph writing techniques at the control class. After that, a post-test was given at the end of the study. Furthermore, the pre-test and post-test scores of the two classes were analyzed using SPSS 22 to find the mean scores of the two classes. Then, Independent T-test was also run to test the research hypothesis. The statistical test analysis that has been used in this study identifies that the use of the jumbled sentences technique in writing descriptive text was not really effect the students' writing performance, especially to be applied on students during the Covid 19 pandemic as it is now especially in Tanjungpinang on 2020, eventhough there was differences betwee the mean scores of pre-test and post-test in each class from 64.176 to 85.618 in the experimental class and 63.735 to 84.176 in the control class, but it was not significant difference between the mean scores in the both of classes which is experimental group and the control group. Thus, it answers the hypothesis that the effect of jumbled sentences upon students’ writing of descriptive text at 10th of MAN Tanjungpinang had no significant effect in improving students' writing skills on descriptive text.

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