Pengembangan Modul Kimia pada Materi Ikatan Kimia Kelas X

  • Fujiana Fujiana Alumni Program Studi Pendidikan Kimia FKIP UMRAH
  • Eka Putra Ramdhani Dosen FKIP UMRAH
  • Ardi Widhia Sabekti Dosen FKIP UMRAH


This study aims to create and test the validity and practicality of the chemistry module teaching materials on Chemical Bonds. This research is a development research with the stages of defining (defining), design (designing) and developing (development). Data collection was carried out at SMAN 1 Lingga Utara with 1 chemistry teacher and 25 students. The results of the research: 1) produced a chemistry module design that was made in Microsoft Word and converted to PDF; 2) the chemistry module on the Chemical Bond material fulfills the very valid criteria with the results of the media expert test obtained a percentage of 93%, and the results of the material expert test obtained a percentage of 75%, very suitable for use by teachers and students, and 3) the practicality of the chemistry module on Chemical Bond material by the teacher obtained a percentage of 95% very practical criteria, and the practicality of media by students was obtained a percentage of 87% with very practical criteria.