The Effect of Using TGT on Students' Writing Skill in Short Functional Text

  • Ultri Epilia Alumni Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FKIP UMRAH
  • Rona Elfiza Dosen FKIP UMRAH
  • Dewi Nopita Dosen FKIP UMRAH
Keywords: Effect, Team Games Tournament Technique, writing in Short functional Text


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of Team Games Tournament techniques on short functional Text. In this research used quantitative method which the data is served by numerical and tasted statistic formula of the-test. The research design is quasi experimental which involves 30 students in VIII7 as the Control and 30 students VIII1 as the experimental Class. The researcher gave pretest before teaching learning activity has been finished. The researcher gave posttest to know the student achievement of short functional text especially in writing skill in short message. The scores of both pretest and posttest were analyzed by statistic descriptive test. The data were test by normality test, homogeneity test and hypothesis test. In this research it can be seen that the mean score of experimental class in post-test was 90.63.and the pre-test was 52.06.while the mean score of control class in post-test was 80.26 and the pre-test was 42.33. The students’ mean scores of the experimental class was higher than the control class. Based on the result of the t-test and the differences between the mean of score in experimental class and control class, it can be summarized that the Team Games Tournament Technique has a significant effect on Short Functional Text at 8th grade students of SMPN 7 Tanjungpinang.

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