Nilai Pendidikan Karakter dalam Film Meet Me After Sunset Karya Danial Rifki

  • Denis Ekasari Alumni Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia FKIP UMRAH
  • Abdul Malik Dosen FKIP UMRAH
  • Wahyu Indrayatti Dosen FKIP UMRAH


This study aims to describe the value of character education in films with the genre of friendship and love among adolescents. The object of research is the film Meet Me After Sunset by Danial Rifki. This research method is descriptive using a qualitative approach. The data collection techniques used were observation, recording, and transfer of discourse. The data analysis technique was done by using content analysis techniques. The results of data analysis obtained from the film Meet Me After Sunset by Danial Rifki in the form of character education values are: religious, honest, tolerance, discipline, hard work, creative, independent, democratic, curiosity, national spirit, love of the motherland, respect for celebration. , friendly / communicative, peace-loving, fond of reading, caring for the environment, caring socially, non-responsive.

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