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Keywords: Affixation, writing descriptive text


This research aims at finding out the types of affixation error and the most dominant type of affixation error made by the students The students in Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji, make errors when they writing affixation. The students are less of idea because they cannot understand clearly the function of the word and difficult when arrange the sentence because the vocab is lack so students need a lot of vocabulary. In this research, researcher would use the descriptive qualitative design. It is used to collect, analyze, and interpret the data. In this research researcher used writing worksheet . The worksheet was used to measure their errors using affixes. Napa (1991:6) stated that vocabulary is one of the components of language and that no language existed without words. In analyzing the affixation errors made by the students, it uses four types of errors proposed by Dulay (1982) such as omission, addition errors, misformation errors and misordering errors. The omission errors there are 17 errors or 32.1 % , The additional errors there are 15 errors or 28.3 % , The misformation errors there are 15 errors or 28.3 % , The omission errors there are 6 errors or 11.3 %. While total suffixes error there are 41 errors and prefixes errors 12 errors.

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